Editing Freebies! :)

My second graders this year are really struggling with capitalization in their writing.  I was spoiled rotten last year with an extremely with-it group of kids, but this year, I feel we have some catching up to do.  No worries, we’ve got this!  In addition to using the wonderful strategies of Pinterest and TPT like MINTS for capitalization and CUPS for editing, I have now started using more paragraph format practice situations.  For whatever reason, it is really doing the trick with my kids!  I think it’s more similar to their own writing, and so maybe they are more able to apply it for that reason.  Hey! As long as it’s working… I’m all in!! 🙂

Here are 2 freebie samples of the paragraphs that I’ve used to have them edit for capitalization.  I hope you find them useful in your classroom! 🙂

Editing for Capitalization- Week with Grandpa paragraph

Editing For Capitalization in a Paragraph- Elephants at the Zoo